Tiffany Kelly Launches Her Life-Changing New E-Book!

We are extremely excited to announce that our co-founder Tiffany Kelly' has launched her awesome new book Shine, Effortless Abundance and Unconditional Love a life changing page turner that will make you feel lighter, happier and Shine!
Buy the full eBook £9.99: https://buff.ly/2OvaQNk

Here’s a snippet to whet your appetite:

‘In the last ten years I have had the privilege to work with people all over the world delivering talks, projects and programmes of personal leadership and empowerment and I have discovered that the thing that most resonates and creates mindset and behaviour change is our ability to connect and share. Our ability to create a space where we can learn from each other without judgement, where we can see the mirror that is being held up to us in the experiences we create and take full responsibility for the learning.
It is from this place that comes the realisation of how awe inspiring and perfect the gift of life on this planet can be. Living authentically without fear and judgement has enabled me to see the lessons and synchronicities I have created to take me on this great journey. To look back now and understand that what I experienced as bullying in my teenage years taught me the skills I am using today means that I am able to change my past. I am able to understand that with the benefit of time and a change of perception, every single thing that has happened in my life has served me in some way. Every single thing.
It is mind blowing to think in this way. Mind blowing and unbelievably liberating.’

Shine Effortless Abundance and Unconditional Love

Co-Founder Tiffany Kelly finishes first RTG Book - Shine


In the lead up to International Women’s Day it seems fitting that RTG Co-Founder Tiffany Kelly is ready to publish her first ever book ‘Shine - Effortless Abundance and Unconditional Love’. We are so excited to see how many more people can enjoy the Shine journey through this new medium.

Empowering Young Professionals in Riyadh

Fantastic two days with this beautiful group of SAP Young Professionals in Riyadh delivering our Empower programme! We absolutely love what we do, it really is such a privilege to see change happening!

Such lovely feedback “It prepares my body and soul and prepares me for next steps…one of the best life coaching courses, it covers a lot!”


Empowering Young Professionals in Cape Town

Brilliant two day Empower programme with SAP young professionals from Cape Town! What a wonderful bunch and a huge privilege to work with, amazing work Tiffany Kelly. Some initial quotes:
Empower is a life changing programme - be free and live life without blame!
The programme will challenge your beliefs and what you thought you know, be open minded and what you learn will surprise you!
Reach for the moon so even if you do not reach it you will land on the stars!
This is a programme every graduate should undergo before going to the working environment.
It will change the way you view yourself, others and your outlook on life!
All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.