Introducing Stem Cell Thinking to Leaders in Bahrain

Final day with Tiffany and Denis Future Proofing Leadership for Tatweer CEO and direct reports in #Bahrain. Two days of immersive mindset change and #StemCellThinking with an inspiring group of leaders! Brilliant 

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Bringing Shine to Amsterdam with Danone ladies in Benelux

We’ve been running our #Shine #empowerment programme since 2015 and it never fails to fill us with emotion and awe. This week we had the privilege to work with an intimate group of beautiful Danone ladies in #Benelux allowing us to further explore and develop all of the philosophies and concepts. The gorgeous shiny #feminine#leadership energy that emanated and engulfed us all has us so inspired and certain about what we are doing with Phoenix Rising global. Wow! Blown away... ❤️🤩✨

Shine Danone

Empowering Graduates in Gaziantep

Tanith and Ulpa had an absolutely brilliant two days running Empower 2.0 in Gaziantep with this incredible group! So impressed by how quickly they have bonded and how wonderfully supportive they are of each other! 

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SAP YPP Gaziantep

Phoenix Rising Global Collective to launch for National Women's Day

We are excited to be launching Phoenix Rising Global Collective for #NationalWomensDay at the Aquarium Cape Town 9th Aug 7.30-12 in partnership with Silent Events, the line up includes Candice Haynes, Sarah Bee, Holy Funk, DJ Ronda, Monica Creamer and DJ Nolitha, Irit Noble and Si-Anne. https://buff.ly/2L9OvGl

Phoenix Rising Cape Town