empower 2.0

Empower has been designed to take you through a journey of self discovery, awareness and personal leadership development like no other programme on the market today. By creating a blame-free learning mindset, you will effortlessly become fully responsible and accountable for what happens in your life. As a result, a deep sense of self-respect is established which naturally means a culture of mutual respect is created.

Taking 100% Responsibility for the World You Create

The world is changing at an exponential rate and for us to thrive in this constantly changing environment, we need to create future leaders that are dynamic, creative and agile. This is why we have created Empower.

Empower will enable you to take 100% responsibility for the world you are creating and understand the learning so that you can change. Empower will take you on a journey of self discovery and self mastery to become an authentic, fearless professional that is able to bring your whole-self to work and empower everyone around you to do the same.

Through inspirational inputs and unique methodologies, the programme provides an opportunity for you to understand that there are no limitations except the ones created by your own fears and that if we change, then change will occur around us around us.

Empower is a life changing programme - be free and live life without blame!
The programme will challenge your beliefs and what you thought you know, be open minded and what you learn will surprise you!
Reach for the moon so even if you do not reach it you will land on the stars!
This is a programme every graduate should undergo before going to the working environment.
It will change the way you view yourself, others and your outlook on life!
All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.
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