Our Learning Solutions

Whether you are looking to transform your business, roll out a global culture change or create a built in diversity and inclusion strategy – we can help you. We bring 20 years of experience, a limitless mindset and creative solutions to enable you to make change happen. The RoundTable Team has industry experience across all sectors including public, private and not for profit, we can provide case studies and references on request.

We also have a fantastic network of inspirational and interesting contributors from every region of the globe. Our main delivery language is English but we train and work with local and internal facilitators, coaches and experts where possible.

our flagship programmes

Below are details for our inspiring and transformational flagship programmes. We can also design bespoke events, workshops and programmes to your specific requirements, to be delivered anywhere in the world in alignment with your strategic objectives and needs. 

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creating empowering cultures

The Shine programmes and workshops take participants on a journey of self discovery and self mastery. They enable them to understand and leverage their core strengths to become authentic, fearless leaders and role models that bring their whole-selves to work and empower everyone around them to do the same.

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Most people believe that being ‘creative’ is a skill that you either have or not. At RoundTable we believe that everyone has the ability to be creative but that fear and limiting beliefs often get in the way. During our 2-day Innovate workshop we will inspire you with what is possible once your fear of creativity is released.




Fearless leaders are able to view every situation as an opportunity and focus on innovative solutions that address the root cause rather than re actively addressing the symptoms of change. They understand everything was impossible once and that it takes a courageous and dynamic mindset to create something that is unique.