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Leaders, influencers and activists passionate about making change happen in the world and committed to delivering our Three Global Goals.

To ensure that the Global Goals Projects deliver sustainable and measurable results, we have created an exciting network of Global Change Ambassadors representing three generations and different regions around the world. The Ambassadors below have been selected for their passion, talents and ability to galvanise local communities into action.

We empower our Ambassadors through coaching, mentoring and access to the global network so that they can deliver their projects and initiatives in alignment with our Three Global Goals. Our Ambassadors represent 26 different nationalities and countries enabling us to deliver our Global Goal Projects around the world.

We are always seeking fresh perspectives and new talent to join our wait list of potential Ambassadors. Please let us know if you are interested in finding out more.

Our Global Change Ambassadors

Please click on the photographs to find out more about who our Ambassadors are and what they do. They are a dynamic group of leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs, educators, activists, artists and young people passionate about changing the way we exist on this planet.