RoundTable looking forward to 2018

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We spent some time at the beginning of January reflecting on everything we achieved in 2017 and wanted to share with you our end of year round up... 

Thank you to our collaborators, clients and Ambassadors as always for your ongoing support and for all of the amazing things that you are doing in alignment with our Global Goals. A lot has been happening in the RoundTable Global world and we wanted to share an update with you to reveal our plans and aspirations for 2018. We can only make these incredible initiatives happen with your support and ideas, and for that we are immensely grateful.

We now have 80 Global Change Ambassadors representing 20 different countries across three generations. Please have a look at all of the wonderful people who are now part of our global network here


  • We have launched a brand new website and are revamping our online learning platform to host the 2018 Global Youth Awards in four countries and virtually for any young people
  • We have delivered empowerment and leadership programmes focused on our Three Global Goals to hundreds of people across 20 countries this year generating revenue that has supported all of our Global Goal Projects, Events and Summits
  • Since we launched in March 2015 we have delivered over £250,000 worth of free empowerment programmes to people in disadvantaged circumstances
  • We have won or been finalist for four significant awards this year including an International Business Award for Best Start Up of the The Year, these have been mostly due to the social impact and philanthropic work we have been doing
  • We have now started to work with governments in the Middle East to deliver female empowerment and leadership
  • We have been asked by the European Space Agency to create a proposal for developing leadership and limitless mindsets in the scientists and adventurers who will be setting up new communities outside of our planet
  • We have confirmed a strategic partnership with Quintessentially and Virgin to design and deliver an immersive and transformational Future Leadership Programme for CEO’s of the top organisations in the world
  • We are part of global think tank GEAERD supporting delivering educational transformation and the UN Sustainable Development Goals to 176 schools in 25 countries within our capacity as Honorary President for Education for Sustainable Development
  • We are partners with UKSSD the National body for the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • We are working with Richard Branson’s 100% Human Team to rethink workplaces so that they recognise employees as unique human beings with individual talents to offer


All very exciting and we are looking for partners and collaborators every step of the way. Specifically, ways to raise funds for our Women’s Empowerment Programmes and also to help launch Beyond Bamboo around the world.

Co-Founder Denis Murphy becomes Fellow of Royal Society for the Arts

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We are excited to announce that RoundTable Global Founding Partner Denis Murphy has been nominated and recognised as a fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts. The RoundTable team will be supporting the RSA on a number of global initiatives through 2018. More details to follow...

Launching Stem Cell Thinking®

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This exciting new methodology from RoundTable Global will take you on a journey to reimagine everything from a place of indefinite possibility without the constraints of current thinking and reality. We believe that to imagine, create and innovate leadership action that will truly change the world, we have to be able to be free to think of the future without the limits and labels of today. More details here STEM CELL THINKING®

More fantastic feedback from Shine

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Beautiful feedback for Co-founder Tiffany 'Since I attended the course, I feel that I am born again, I feel like a I’m a new diary, filled with white pages, and writing all my life events using a white pin, not to darken the pages with the black ink. I began to see the life and everyday situations from another perspective. I become more aware of the beauty around me. My life has become happier and more positive. I no longer have any bad or negative thinking, I deleted the negative and bad words from my dictionary. I started to see everything in my life from another angle or perspective and I look for the good things that I may get from any situation. I become more powerful, more confident, more contented & happier. My words do not describe the life I live now. Your course was the reason to change my life for better, so thankful.' This is why we love what we do!