Empowering Young Professionals in Pretoria

Absolutely brilliant 2-days with the SAP #Empower 2.0 #Pretoria#SouthAfrica Young Professionals Programme. Their ideas for changing the world and empowering other people brought tears to my eyes. So grateful and privileged to be able to take such an amazing group through this journey.


Empowering Graduates in Gaziantep

Tanith and Ulpa had an absolutely brilliant two days running Empower 2.0 in Gaziantep with this incredible group! So impressed by how quickly they have bonded and how wonderfully supportive they are of each other! 

#empower #sap #gaziantep

SAP YPP Gaziantep

Empowering Young Professionals in Riyadh

Fantastic two days with this beautiful group of SAP Young Professionals in Riyadh delivering our Empower programme! We absolutely love what we do, it really is such a privilege to see change happening!

Such lovely feedback “It prepares my body and soul and prepares me for next steps…one of the best life coaching courses, it covers a lot!”


Empowering Young Professionals in Cape Town

Brilliant two day Empower programme with SAP young professionals from Cape Town! What a wonderful bunch and a huge privilege to work with, amazing work Tiffany Kelly. Some initial quotes:
Empower is a life changing programme - be free and live life without blame!
The programme will challenge your beliefs and what you thought you know, be open minded and what you learn will surprise you!
Reach for the moon so even if you do not reach it you will land on the stars!
This is a programme every graduate should undergo before going to the working environment.
It will change the way you view yourself, others and your outlook on life!
All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.