More fantastic feedback from Shine

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Beautiful feedback for Co-founder Tiffany 'Since I attended the course, I feel that I am born again, I feel like a I’m a new diary, filled with white pages, and writing all my life events using a white pin, not to darken the pages with the black ink. I began to see the life and everyday situations from another perspective. I become more aware of the beauty around me. My life has become happier and more positive. I no longer have any bad or negative thinking, I deleted the negative and bad words from my dictionary. I started to see everything in my life from another angle or perspective and I look for the good things that I may get from any situation. I become more powerful, more confident, more contented & happier. My words do not describe the life I live now. Your course was the reason to change my life for better, so thankful.' This is why we love what we do!