Beyond BamboO

This exciting new initiative from RoundTable aims to deliver on our Global Goal of Environmental Rejuvenation by creating a global hub for ethical and sustainable products that do good in the world. Each product has been carefully selected as an inspiring example of lessening our impact on or rejuvenating the planet at the same time as giving back to local communities, social entrepreneurs and enterprises.

Our goal is to create the go to online shop where you can feel fantastic about everything you buy.

Buy Great Products & Invest in Ethical Projects

We are calling this initiative Beyond Bamboo® as we are keen to create a mindset change and a lifestyle choice. Ourproducts are made from Bamboo and other sustainable materials but they are also creating opportunities for local employment, funding social and environmental impact projects and ultimately raising knowledge and awareness of ethical choices that we can all make.

We are all caretakers of this planet and it is up to us to ensure that it thrives for future generations. Beyond Bamboo® will create a hub for like minded people, passionate about making ethical choices to purchase beautiful products that give back to local and global eco-systems. As with all RoundTable Global initiatives, any profits will be reinvested in to our philanthropic Global Goal Projects.


Global sourcing director - jacqui hamlin

To deliver this new initiative we have recruited a talented Global Sourcing Director who will manage our international Beyond Bamboo® team and partner relationships. Jacqui studied Fashion at Loughborough College of Art and Design, followed by 20 years of living and working in London in the fashion, music, cosmetic and graphic repro industries.

Moving to live in India in early 2000, she embraced her interest in sustainable living and education. Whilst building Adobe and Bamboo homes, learning and practising organic farming, she was also the co-founder of a school, where ecology, environment, yoga, health, happiness and harmony with the planet was a fundamental part of the curriculum.


Our Beyond Bamboo virtual store will be launching soon. Please register if you would like more details on launch dates.

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