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You are invited to join the RoundTable Global Youth Awards, in partnership with Bridges for Music to provide a platform for inspirational young people delivering positive impact projects to be recognised and rewarded for their efforts. This year we are taking the awards to six countries and providing a virtual hub for any young person to raise awareness of and nominate themselves for an award anywhere in the world.

The award categories are based on our Three Global Goals of Educational Innovation, Empowering Everyone and Environmental Rejuvenation.


The awards will be held at Bridges Academy in the township of Langa, Cape Town, a new pioneering learning space which will bring new opportunities for young creatives in the area. In addition to attending the awards there are opportunities to get more involved and contribute including nominating inspirational young people in Cape Town and surrounding areas for their projects and becoming a mentor for one of the awards. More details on this below.

saturday 3rd november 5-8pm

please rsvp to reserve your place at the awards here  

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We have created the awards to provide support, experiences, personal development and a global network of opportunities for all of our winners. This includes an invitation to become a RoundTable Global Youth Change Ambassador for 12-months after the awards with access to all of our Ambassadors, Global Goal Projects, Events, Mentoring and Training. We also seek relevant award sponsors to offer local support and experiences where ever possible. Our winners are also invited to support the design and delivery of the awards in the following year.

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One of our core philosophies is to collaborate wherever possible. Because of this we are seeking potential partners to work with us to run the awards. This can be anything from sponsoring an award category in kind to offer our winners opportunities for development and mentoring, or by offering a venue, service or something for the winners goody bags that will be useful for the winners. If you want to find out more about how you can support the young people please get in touch as we can tailor packages to suit your needs! 


Sponsoring an Award Category - Development and Mentoring 

We are looking for people or organisations like you, who are able to offer meaningful opportunities to the award winners to support them with the time and expertise they need to enable their creative projects to be successfully delivered.

We want our winners to receive exciting experiential opportunities from the award category sponsors, that will increase confidence, develop skills, and enable them to build supportive networks that empower individual leadership. Previous sponsors have offered places on empowering programmes, series of masterclasses, ongoing personal mentoring, workshops and much, much more!

Sponsorship in Kind - Venues, Products and Services

We are seeking in-kind support, so if you are able to provide food & beverages for an event, come along to film, photograph or live stream, or provide gifts for the goodie bags, then please do get in touch and let us know how you would like to get involved.

Everyone who sponsors the awards will have their logo placed on all promotional materials and publicity, a representative of their organisation will be invited to speak at the chosen event, and they will have priority seating for their guests with complimentary 10 VIP places.

We are also looking for venues, nominees, sponsors, entertainment, award trophies, food and beverage sponsors, goodies for the gift bags, flights and accommodation for the team, technical support, photography and filming.

RoundTable Global - Bridges Academy Collaboration

The Global Youth Awards is an opportunity for inspiring young people in South Africa to join a global movement for change and has been created in partnership with the Bridges Academy.