Top sales performers in the world follow the same structure as other salespeople. The distinguishing factor is where they place focus during the sales pitch. It is not building rapport, overcoming objections or closing a deal, it is sincerely wanting to find a solution and having the ability to emotionally and authentically engage with their audience. Fear-less Selling will create a new generation of successful sales people for your organisation.

Win-Win-Win - Sustainable Mindset Change

The mindset of the average salesperson is fear and blame-driven because the focus is on closing the deal and collecting commission. The fear of these not happening leads to more sales not being closed then being closed. What follows is a drive to find reasons or people to blame which takes focus away from the potential or existing customer.

So what mindset will the next generation of salespeople have?

It will be one focused on collaborative competition. Meaning each person will strive to be at the top of the leader board, while at the same time encouraging and helping others to do the same. This creates a win-win-win scenario where the customer, company and salesperson all win.

Seeing top performers as teachers not threats establishes an environment of support, cooperation and continuous improvement. Jealousy and fear soon become redundant as motivators, as the sales manager and team are focused on client satisfaction and not the bottom line. Sales targets will be exceeded as a byproduct of this process.

Many will say they already focus on the customer, but few actually do this in practice. By spending more time finding out about the client then trying to close them, we realise a client might look ‘normal’ on the surface but actually they have unique concerns and pain points that need creative solutions.

The less fear we have the more open we are to finding out what those issues are. With less fear also comes more creativity as we are more relaxed during the sales pitch.

In short, collaborative competition is the antidote to fear.

The FEAR-LESS Programme

This programme is not another way on how to sell, rather its focus is on re-engineering the back office (our minds) to make the sales process more effortless, effective and enjoyable.

It is called Fear-less because fear isn’t bad, it can just become overwhelming and so affect the company culture and sales figures. Once a different relationship is developed with fear, a new world of opportunity reveals itself.

Sales at it’s heart is the transference of emotion. The best product or service in the world isn’t going to move if an emotional response isn’t sparked. The question is, what impact is our emotional state having on the emotional response of potential or existing customers?

Our mindset houses our beliefs, morals, values, prejudices and rigid judgements which all power our perception of what we experience. As much as we think we are hiding them from the outside world, we are not. They are being seen in our actions, heard in our words and felt through our energy. Much of the time we are oblivious to what real message we are broadcasting for the customer to pick up on.

When we learn about ourselves and release from our fears and self-fulfilling beliefs, we become less rigid in our judgements. Naturally, our customers feel more relaxed and open in our presence.

Following two intensive days of mindset change, you will understand the impact fear and blame has on you, the customer and sales cycle. You will feel more confident and focused on solving customers challenges, while at the same time be more aware of your thoughts and actions and the impact they have. In addition, they will appreciate the profound nature of meeting each customer for the first time every time.

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