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Unlocking Potential

The Empowering Everyone Goal is a focus on bringing inclusivity and equality into the world. We would like to empower everyone to authentically bring their whole self to everything that they do. From increasing feminine leadership decision making to addressing social conditioning and stereotyping we would like to create cultures and communities that are empowering for all. We want to empower people so that they can empower others.

Health and well being are key to the delivery of this goal and through the use of imagination and the understanding that we are all energetic beings, we will seek to reconnect mind with body. This will enable individuals to release from fears and self limiting beliefs that create stress and illness and step into limitless possibility.

What we can do for you:

  • Creating Empowering Cultures strategy development and consultancy
  • Bespoke programmes and workshops for culture change and becoming a great place to work
  • Shine Programme – 3-days and then 3-month supported journey focused on empowerment, leadership and personal transformation with accredited coaching
  • Three Generations – 2-day programme bringing together either three generations of leaders in an organisation or three generations of individuals in a community focused on creating solutions for change
  • The Power of Language Workshop
  • Energise – 2-day workshop focused on reconnecting mind with body
  • Global Shine Foundation – created to raise funds for the development and empowerment of women, men and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Wellness Centre with subsidised workshops and programmes for healing and personal change (2017)

Shine is an exciting global initiative created to go beyond issues of gender balance in leadership decision making by addressing the need for authentic balance in masculine and feminine leadership energies regardless of gender. This enables the creation of cultures that are empowering for everyone.

Unique in its delivery, Shine is not a lecture driven programme of key speakers and case studies. It is a truly transformational experiential journey of self-discovery and personal action. Combining leadership development and business skills with well-being, resilience and self mastery, we enable participants to Shine in all aspects of life leading to individual empowerment and sustainable change.

Through Shine we authentically help participants release from fears and limiting beliefs which enable transformation in all areas of their life.

Below we have provided an overview of a three month open programme that we deliver throughout the year, we also work with specific organisations to design and deliver bespoke internal programmes and shorter workshops. For more details please contact us and we will work in partnership with you to design a solution aligned with your internal objectives that will create real, sustainable change.

For anyone passionate about empowerment and leadership we would also like to invite you to join our Legacy Learning Platform where you can access resources, materials and programme information.

Shine Testimonials

  • Shine was an inspiration. It was a program designed to both empower and create improved balance, by unlocking individual potential and encouraging authentic leadership.

    Empowering Women to Shine Programme Mizuho Bank
  • Shine doesn’t use a traditional leadership model but instead focuses on an innovative approach of mindfulness (using imagination, creativity and play) to develop an improved sense of self. By understanding our barriers or self-limiting beliefs, we learned how to empower ourselves, take responsibility and change

    Empowering Women to Shine Programme Mizuho Bank
  • We realised our strengths and developed our ability to learn, find solutions and challenge issues. We developed friendships. It was a three day program, but it feels more like the start of a journey.

    Empowering Women to Shine Programme Mizuho Bank
  • Be as authentic as you can be” and “the belief power is the strongest driver” is my takeaway from this session... I was empowered to believe that my characteristic and elements which might be a weakness of a leader such as “young” “female” “working mother” can be actually a strength and I need to keep on proving that.  Lastly, I think my resolution is that would like to become a Japanese role model that would encourage women to stand up and be herself. Thank you for initiating this program!

    Japan Shine Tokyo Workshop
  • I learned that everything is about the energy and we have unlimited potential within us. Your workshop really learned from my heart and body that we have ability to change! I will start living my own life, not living other people's lives and their expectations. I feel so much better about myself.

    Japan Shine Tokyo Workshop
  • The coaching really helped me to get more in touch with my emotions, thoughts and reactions to the outside world. I loved the idea of me being the center of my ecosystem, so if I want everything around me to work out, I need me to work perfectly first! Thank you for giving us this opportunity to learn more about us. We are usually so caught up in the path of pleasing everybody that we totally forget about the most important person in our world: US.
    Japan Shine Tokyo Workshop
  • I attended the Shine workshop to develop my leadership skills and become more empowered in the workplace. What I could never have predicted is how the 'Shine experience' would change my life! By changing the way I view situations in business and life I have already been able to make positive changes to relationships and understand the motives and needs of those around me. Finally I am clear on objectives and goals and feel truly empowered, I cannot recommend this experience enough.

  • It has been a while since I wanted to personally write you this email. I never really took the chance. Also because I needed to digest the whole Shine program First of all, I would like to thank you and your team. Your program is absolutely fantastic. It was an eye opener for me ... the sort of woaaa moment in your life. And I am sure it resonated with the other ladies. I really appreciated your style, your care for the other women in this world. This is very inspiring and empowering. THANK YOU !

    I would like to share with you how I evolve since last time we saw each other. I think this would be a better THANK YOU than the word itself. Thanks to you, I really looked into myself, looking at the barriers that I was putting to myself. At the beginning I was confused because it felt like an ocean of possibilities but I got lost in it. Then I started consciousness meditation, like you guys showed us. It helped me finding my way.
  • Thank you so much for taking me on an epic journey last week. I cannot remember the last time I was so intently focused on the “here and now. I Stepped into day 1 of SHINE with uncertainty and stepped out on day 3 with fresh, renewed perspectives. Among them, my perceptions and reactions are entirely my choice—I am responsible for how I view and react to others. I have the power to create something new, both big and small, with each person I encounter.

  • Shine Program is one of the most meaningful experiences I have ever had. The learning is simple and fundamental, yet there is such depth in it each time I practice. It is an amazing discovery that I am in power of making my life the way I want, and I like the fact that I can actually feel it happening in my life. Thank you also the fantastic 3 days! Like you said, my life has been changed already. Nothing dramatic but naturally and effortlessly, things happening in my life.

    Besides the awareness, here are some differences I noticed: 1. Beginning of the day When I woke up, I used to think of my schedule/to-do list first. On Saturday morning I first thought how fun it could be to meet friends in the event, then I remembered the details (time, location, etc) of the event. 2. Imagination I was just practicing without any story line. I suddenly found myself in attic and there was a small treasure box. I opened the box but couldn’t see what is in it as it was too shiny. I wonder if I could see the content next time. All the learnings I got in the 3 days are not sinking in my body yet so I am trying to remember and practice them in my daily life. It is like riding a bike. More I ride, more natural it will be in my life, I think.
  • Yes, it was transformational. And I don't say that lightly. And I only say it when I mean it. There is a definite "before" and "after" for me. It was 3 days of deep deep learning. And true and honest experiences. I had epiphanies (2 to be precise), shifted a persistent sadness (sometimes we don't know how much something is affecting us) and turned around a very big self limiting belief. And gained some useful and unique tools for experiencing my life better. Not only that but the excellent facilitators shone a light on our unique strengths. It was such a good feeling. (And called us out on our BS) And had fun while I was at it. A lot of fun. Diving into my creativity and creative process and learning further how to lead and to be led. You will be changed during the 3 days.