Ignite your curiosity and awaken your sense of adventure. Learn how to listen to every part of your being, build exploding artwork and jump feet first into an exhilarating experience that will test your authenticity and ability to innovate, collaborate and lead.

Dive deep into a better understanding of who you are and what you have to offer the world.

Question everything. Imagine, create and play.


Find out the questions you need to ask and answer in 2019. Learn from the creators of 5G, explore the evolution of consciousness and understand how to maximise your mind and body. Reimagine everything.

Find out what the future holds for feminine leadership, unleashing the power of nurture, collaboration and supportive competition. Immerse yourself in the releasing of fears and limiting beliefs, stepping into a limitless mindset and world where challenge becomes opportunity.

Stem Cell Thinking, Fear(less) Leadership, Energetic Orientation, Whole Body Listening, Power of Beliefs, Transhumanism and Connected Consciousness. Learn how to create your reality.  

Have your taste buds tickled by sumptuous and powerful cocktails of nutrition, look deep into the flames and understand what they reveal to you. Have your toes curled and your imagination stretched by awe-inspiring stories and feats of human impossibility.     

Immerse, re-connect and electrify your senses.



Reconnect in an entirely different way, understand the power of your mind, your beliefs and your ability to create reality.


solstice experience

Experience unique entrepreneurial creativity, immerse yourself in a world of relentless and awe inspiring potential.

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Have your mind blown and your thoughts charged with imaginative innovations that will fire you into the future.

The Solstice Collaboration

The Solstice Experience is an invite only adventure for global female leaders and entrepreneurs looking for something truly unique. An explosion of ideas created collaboratively by talented contributors fascinated by the future and challenging concepts of possibility.


We’re at an inflection point in our relationship with technology right now. It allows us to do amazing things, but it’s also accelerated the speed of life beyond our capacity to keep up.

The THRIVE App helps you take back control of your life by giving you the tools to set boundaries with technology so you can connect more deeply with yourself and others. The THRIVE App not only empowers people to take control of their time, it will also help create new cultural norms around unplugging and recharging.

Immerse Yourself in the Quintessentially English - Rye Island, Sussex

Time to Live

The art of effortless living

What we believe shapes who we are and what we do. It is the essence that connects our emotional, physical and metaphysical well being. It becomes our reality and it is influenced every single day by what we see, hear, experience, think and feel. Our belief system is the beating heart of our lives, guiding our choices and helping us decide how to spend our time.

Time has become the largest traded commodity in the world. We are constantly being shown that we don’t have enough of it and that it takes wealth and hard work to generate more of it. Time has become the ever elusive elixir of life and what we don’t realise is that it is only our beliefs that prevent us from enjoying it. 

Imagine if you could discover a way of living that didn’t subscribe to this rhetoric. Where you don’t always have to work hard to succeed or make mistakes and fail to learn. Imagine creating a reality where you have the time to enjoy the beauty of the world and your experiences, an existence full of abundance, well being, learning and celebration.  

This is the art of effortless living.

Quantum Physics shows us that everything is made of energy, including our beliefs. Meaning that with the right stimulus and awareness, like a light switch turning on, they can change instantly and permanently. Once your beliefs change, you change and everything in your eco-system has to change.

If you genuinely and authentically learn from and release the fears and limiting beliefs that fill your life, and you are being reminded about from the moment you wake up, you will no longer need the coping mechanisms that have supported you through the stress, anxiety and self doubt that accompanies them.

Coping mechanisms take time and energy and keep us in a state of being courageous through our fear. This is what the leadership and self help world is teaching us. It is like putting a plaster on a wound and not asking why we needed to hurt ourselves in the first place. 

Our bodies and our environments are constantly speaking to us, and if we truly believe that absolutely everything we create is to learn from, this raises the question as to whether self sabotage or mistakes actually exist. If we can learn to listen to what we are being taught and change our belief systems and actions based on this amazing source of information - we will be able to create all the time we need to enjoy and thrive in our lives.

This is why we have created Solstice. It is time for a new kind of living and leadership. Last year was full of fear and focusing on feeding the energy of the very things that we don’t want in the world. 2018 is an exciting opportunity to create global change and a mindset shift towards celebration, supportive competition and collaboration.

Solstice is a powerful immersive, invite only journey for female leaders who want to unlock unlimited potential, fundamentally embrace the art of effortless living and jump feet first into an experience unlike anything else in the market place.

Forget everything you know to be true and open your mind ready to be blown.