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Established in 2010, The Legacy Project which is a UK registered charity engages with and supports leaders, influencers and activists, from three generations passionate about making change happen in the world and committed to delivering our Three Global Goals.

To date we have funded all our philanthropic projects through profits from our commercial revenue and we are now seeking third party investors and funders to scale these projects both within the UK and globally.

Being a Responsible Business

We are passionate about making a difference in the world and ensuring that we are a responsible business. We measure our success through triple bottom line reporting meaning that we focus equally on people, planet and profit. Our global projects empower and unlock potential in PEOPLE at the same time as providing access to knowledge, resources and opportunities. We have created Beyond Bamboo as a global hub for conscious consumerism to restore balance to the PLANET. We use our PROFIT to scale up and fund our philanthropic projects.

The Scope of our Work

In the last 8 years we have funded and worked with 1000’s of youth in the UK, USA, UAE, Japan, Switzerland, Ethiopia, South Africa and Thailand delivering coaching and mentoring to develop leadership skills, personal empowerment and confidence. This has been both thorugh our workshops and our Global Youth Awards which we have been delivering since 2012.

We have delivered 10 Finding Balance Summits in the UK, USA, UAE and Asia to develop female empowerment and feminine leadership. We have developed an online version of our flagship Shine Personal Empowerment Programme which we have gifted to 100’s of entrepreneurs across 26 countries. We have delivered £300,000 worth of face to face Shine programmes for women. We have funded the development of a global online hub of resources and products that are beyond sustainable. We have gifted 1000’s of hours of coaching and mentoring to disadvantaged young people, women and entrepreneurs around the world.

This is our contribution to creating restorative, inclusive change in the world.

Our Three Global Goal Projects

Our Three Global Goals are Educational Innovation, Empowerment for All and Environmental Rejuvenation.

Get Involved

If you would like to get involved in The Legacy Project, partner or collaborate in some way please let us know. We are keen to ensure that we are not duplicating effort and that we share our knowledge, resources and materials with other like minded organisations working towards sustainable, inclusive change.