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We are inviting schools, youth groups and individuals around the world who are working on exciting global or community projects in line with our Three Global Goals of Educational Innovation, Empowering Everyone and Environmental Rejuvenation to nominate for our Global Youth Awards 2019.

The awards are part of our charity and so both nomination and events are free to enter and attend!


Award categories are for our three global goals of education, empowerment and environment and are for:

Leadership -Demonstration of leadership

Innovation- most imaginative project

 change- Most impactful project

Introducing three brand new Music Industry Categories - Entrepreneur, Creativity and innovation

Cape Town - London - Los Angeles

Cape Town - 5th October - London 19th October - Los Angeles 16th November

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To create the largest global collaboration for youth empowerment and development the world has ever seen.

The Three Global Goal Youth Projects & Awards supports and showcases extraordinary young people aged 11-18 around the world who are leading inspirational projects for a positive impact. Our online global talent bank offers opportunities for creation, collaboration and celebration between young people and forward-thinking organisations.

Through our 2019 Projects & Awards We are creating a global hub of inspiring youth talent and amazing, world changing innovations and ideas! if you are involved in a project or initiative that is helping change the world we want to hear from you.


Are your students ambassadors for change? The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are a priority for everyone if we are to go ‘beyond sustainability’ and reverse the impact we are having on our planet. The Global Youth Awards have been supporting young people to do just that since 2012.

The belief that age is a limiting factor in creating global change has been proven time and again to not be true. This is why we have sought out and rewarded youth pioneers for creating change in our Three Global Goals of Educational Innovation, Empowering Everyone and Environmental Rejuvenation. We believe these encompass all of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and are an easier and inclusive way of capturing the imagination and therefore the creative passion of youth wanting to get involved.

Having sought out inspiring youth doing incredible things we have come to realise that every young person has the ability to create change in the world when they have passion and purpose. We believe in YOUTH.

We would like to invite your school or organisation to participate in the biggest ever Global Youth Awards call to action with a Project For Change. The projects can run along any theme as long as they are in line with the RoundTable Global Three Global Goals.


We all want to shine a light on the amazing things that young people are doing to make a difference. Bringing the Three Global Goals into your school or organisation provides an opportunity to do that with external support, global connectivity and access to materials, resources and examples that make this as effortless as possible for you.

Every project registered will automatically be nominated for one of our Global Youth Awards which are free to enter and can be individual, delivered by groups or as an entire school project. Enabling your young people to share their ideas and innovations to inspire other people around the world.

The Three Global Goal Projects and Awards have been created to provide opportunities for young people aged 11-18 to tap into creativity, imagination and play while delivering something that gives them a sense of pride and empowers them to make a difference in their local community.

They enable young people to step courageously into leadership action and to become inspiring role models for change. The Global Goal Projects can be delivered in alignment with the current curriculum or as extra curricular projects.

The Global Youth Awards are truly unique in that they have been co-created and are run by young people for young people.


We have created the awards to provide support, experiences, personal development and a global network of opportunities for all of our winners. This includes an invitation to become a RoundTable Global Youth Change Ambassador for 12-months after the awards with access to all of our Ambassadors, Global Goal Projects, Events, Mentoring and Training. We also seek relevant award sponsors to offer local support and experiences where ever possible. Our winners are also invited to support the design and delivery of the awards in the following year.



We need to re-imagine the way that young people learn and develop ensuring that this learning is inclusive for everyone. If you are doing anything to innovate or transform education, we want to hear from you.

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Our empowerment goal is focused on ensuring that everyone has equal access to opportunities and knowledge. We are specifically interested in projects that empower women and young people.



We are excited to hear about projects that are going beyond sustainability to restore and rejuvenate the global Eco-system. Please let us know about your global environmental projects and innovations.


Sponsoring an Award Category - Development and Mentoring 

We are looking for people or organisations like you, who are able to offer meaningful opportunities to the award winners to support them with the time and expertise they need to enable their creative projects to be successfully delivered.

We want our winners to receive exciting experiential opportunities from the award category sponsors, that will increase confidence, develop skills, and enable them to build supportive networks that empower individual leadership. Previous sponsors have offered places on empowering programmes, series of masterclasses, ongoing personal mentoring, workshops and much, much more!

All winners will also receive an invitation to become a RoundTable Global Youth Change Ambassador for 12-months after the awards with access to all our Ambassadors, Global Goal Projects, Events, Mentoring and Training.

Our online global talent bank of winners, will offer opportunities for creation, collaboration and celebration between young people and forward-thinking organisations.

Sponsorship in Kind - Venues, Products and Services

We are seeking in-kind support, so if you are able to provide food & beverages for an event, come along to film, photograph or live stream, or provide gifts for the goodie bags, then please do get in touch and let us know how you would like to get involved.

Everyone who sponsors the awards will have their logo placed on all promotional materials and publicity, a representative of their organisation will be invited to speak at the chosen event, and they will have priority seating for their guests with complimentary 10 VIP places.

We are also looking for venues, nominees, sponsors, entertainment, award trophies, food and beverage sponsors, goodies for the gift bags, flights and accommodation for the team, technical support, photography and filming.

Ongoing Partnership - Seeking Investors and Sponsors

We believe in co-creation and collaboration, and are therefore looking for sponsors to partner in the delivery of the Global Youth Awards 2018 and future events. There are options to co-sponsor an individual event in any of the host countries, or to get involved in wider sponsorship of the Global Youth Awards as a whole.

If you would like to find out more about ways to support this fantastic initiative please let us know. You can also donate below.

I wanted to make sure I thanked you all for the hard work that you and the RoundTable team have put in. Creating an event like the one in L.A. takes time and effort and all of you came together to make an amazing event that brought a lot of talented and amazing individuals in one room. The entire event was one memorable one for me, not for the reason of the award but because I saw the passion and love that all of you have for the young individuals and change in the world. Creating an event at this caliber is only going to grow from here on out. Being able to be part of it is something that I appreciate greatly. Thank you all once again for taking the time to do all this and for awarding what I do and me! I know that RoundTable will only keep growing from here on out!
— Brayan, LA Global Youth Awards 2018
“Winning and taking part at the Roundtable Global Youth Awards was the best thing I have ever done all year, it was so amazing to see young people doing awesome things within their community, and it was even better to have young people around me with the mindset to make a change and give back. I’m super excited to work with the Roundtable Global Change team for the next one year; I can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of us.”
— Amirah, UK Global Youth Awards 2018