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When we launched Legacy Project in 2010 as a commitment to deliver the Government’s Big Society objectives we were awarded three years of Big Lottery Funding. Since then Legacy Project has been supported with the profits of RoundTable Global. We are now seeking additional external funding to ensure that we can scale in a sustainable way.

Partnerships & Collaborations

To us collaborations means working responsibly and authentically together to make change happen. We are passionate about going beyond sustainability, increasing awareness and contributing towards making our world a more inclusive and balanced place to live. There is much to do and because of this we are keen to collaborate and partner with individuals and organisations around the world, with the same goals. We invite you to join our journey, share our knowledge and contribute how and where you can. 

Sustainable Development Goals

We support the Sustainable Development Goals through our membership and delivery of our Three Global Goals of Education, Empowerment and Environment.

100% Human at Work

We are proud to be part of the Virgin Unite 100% Human Network. We believe the time has come for business to start thinking of people as human beings and not as resources. Moving away from maximising profits and profitability to focus on how we can help people achieve their highest potential and purpose – which will naturally positively impact the bottom line.

How to get involved - Volunteering

We are constantly seeking like minded people and organisations passionate about our Three Global Goals to help us create, advise on and deliver our projects globally. If you would like to find out more about how to get involved and volunteering opportunities near you please contact us using the button below.

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