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Three Generations, Three Global Goals

Finding Balance Through Three Global Goals

For us to create a future that is different from our past, we need to change our mindset so that we can first think and then act differently to the way we have before. It is time for us to take responsibility and learn from, rather than sit back and blame others for, the impact we have on our ecosystem and the world. We are all agents of change, even if we are not aware of it yet.

This initiative is a call to action for those that are committed to and passionate about making change happen so that we can go beyond sustainability and create cultures and communities that can fearlessly collaborate with each other, thrive and are empowering for all. A call to action for us to find our balanced place in the global eco system.

We launched the Global ‘Finding Balance’ Campaign in September 2015 to understand what the key priorities and focuses need to be to quickly effect change. We wanted to know what a cross section of the international community would commit their time and resources to given the opportunity.

Over ten months the campaign delivered summits, programmes, workshops, talks and awards in Japan, India, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Egypt, France, UK and the USA, to women, men and young people from all over the world. The key focus of the campaign was to gather ideas and solutions for change from people representing as many cultures, ages and communities possible.

The response to the campaign was overwhelming, capturing the hearts, minds and imaginations of everyone who participated and generating inspiring commitments to action for change. Empowerment initiatives have since been independently launched by many of the participants working towards creating a society that is more inclusive and equal for everyone.

Three Generations

We are excited to launch our new global initiative and a call to action for contributors, collaborators and sponsors to get involved with delivering ‘Three Generations, Three Global Goals’. We would like to work in partnership with you to Find Balance through:

  1. Educational Reform
  2. Empowering Everyone
  3. Environmental Rejuvenation

Three Generations is a cross generational initiative bringing together the wisdom of elders with the dynamic thinking of our future leaders to create innovative solutions for transformation and change.

For every event delivered through Finding Balance the feedback that followed included how unique and inspirational it had been to have people from all generations involved in such an important global conversation. Business leaders and policy makers were learning from the creativity of students and the wisdom of elders.

In response to this exciting feedback, we are launching ‘Three Generations, Three Global Goals’. An initiative created to deliver the solutions and actions created from the Finding Balance Campaign through cross generational collaboration.

For more information on the initiative and ways to get involved please contact us.

Below are images from our new brochure including details on all of our contributors and collaborators to date. If you would like us to send you the full brochure via email please email