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The Finding Balance Campaign is being supported by the En Committee which has been created as a collaboration between RoundTable Global and First Lady of Japan Akie Abe out of a desire to empower women to shine around the world.

‘En’ in Japanese means ‘Destiny’ and has been chosen as a powerful name for this group of female leaders and influencers who have been galvanised through a synchronistic desire to make sustainable change happen in the world.

EN Committeeに寄せる思い
A Quote to EN Committee


I believe that the time is coming where each person can pursue and realize his own value, which creates a world of diversity: the world can no longer be sustained only by the male-dominated vertical organizations.

様々な価値観を包みこみ、横に繋がっていく能力に優れた女性たちが、自ら輝き、社会の中で役割を果たして いって欲しい。これからの一歩を踏み出す女性たちを私も全力で支えていきます。このため、バワーがあり、志を同じくする方々とともにEN Committeeを立ち上げました。

I therefore, want women, who have excellent ability to embrace various values and to create horizontal relationships, to shine and take their roles in the society. I will put my all energy to support those women who want to take a new step forward. Thus, I established the EN Committee with other influential members with the same will.


With the power of women, all the people, including handicapped, LGBT, etc. can connect each other beyond the border and the culture. And I am confident that this will lead to a genuine peace of the world.

安倍 昭恵
Akie ABE, Member of EN Committee

The En Committee is not a political or religious movement, nor does it seek to duplicate efforts of existing bodies or governments. The En Committee is an opportunity to harness the current groundswell of support for female empowerment through authentic leadership and action.

The focus of this Committee is to engage and inspire everyone, including young people, to create a world where individuals and communities are empowered to work equally and effectively together to make change happen.

The En Committee seeks to create new and further develop existing relationships and collaborations across borders that will enable the sharing of innovations, knowledge, expertise and encourage the peaceful empowerment of everyone.

We live in a world that has been dominated by masculine leadership, decision and policy making, a world that we know needs to change. The En Committee is focused on not only identifying what change needs to happen, but is committed to creating leadership  action to deliver the change, at all levels, across all industries and geographies.

By working to address the issue of gender balance globally the En Committee enables the development and empowerment of a new generation of leaders and contributors for the world, who can authentically tap into both their feminine and masculine energies.

The En Committee is focused on creating  agents of change that effortlessly inspire others to innovate a new kind of world because when they change, everyone and everything around them will change, in an instant.