Positive For Youth Awards 2017

Welcome to the Positive for Youth Awards, the only awards in the UK run by young people, for young people. In its fourth year, Positive for Youth recognises and rewards outstanding contribution to community, music, media and the arts by creating exciting opportunities for the winners to be mentored and developed by some of the most inspirational people from across industry.

The awards are for individuals and groups aged 13-25 nominated within specific categories. Nominations are assessed by a group of independent youth judges who are guided by mentors but ultimately decide on who the winners should be. Categories and the nomination process are detailed below along with the nomination form.

Winners for each category will be invited to attend the awards ceremony with live performances and presentations in May 2017.

If you know anyone that you think should be nominated for an award please let us know no later than 28th February 2017 by using the nomination form below.

The Positive for Youth Awards Event

The ethos of the awards is to encourage young people from across the UK to embark on summer projects that will either provide a platform for them to have a voice and express themselves or to step up, take action and deliver positive impact projects in the local community.

The awards are supported by Patron Tim Loughton (MP) who founded the concept of Positive for Youth and is passionate about the support and development of young people.

Each year we have fantastic prizes and experiences from industry experts for each of the winners and we run an exciting and inspirational awards celebration towards the end of the year. We are currently in the process of planning for 2017 so watch this space and the video and gallery below for more details.

Background to the Awards
The Positive for Youth Awards were established in 2012 as part of Legacy Project which is the charity arm of RoundTable Global. Positive for Youth as a concept was created by Patron of the awards and MP, Tim Loughton while Minister for Children to provide support and resources that would empower young people across the UK. Positive for Youth is an initiative focused on bringing light to the fantastic contribution that this generation brings to community and culture which is often over looked.

Positive For Youth Award 2017 Categories

Community Challenge Awards

These awards are for individuals and groups who have made outstanding contribution to community:

Express Yourself Awards

These awards are for individuals and groups who have made outstanding contribution to creative culture:

‘The Ultimate Seminar sees the Positive Youth Awards as a vital tool in motivating the generation of day to reach their goals and dreams. The day highlights the importance of recognising and bringing to the forefront those that have achieved so much while enabling them to get further support’.

“BCE look forward to an ongoing partnership with P4Y awards – its such a fantastic event and opportunity to celebrate young peoples success in an ever more challenging landscape to grow and flourish”

“It’s been a fantastic experience partnering with Positive For Youth for the second year running, it’s exactly what my charity stands for, giving young people the platform to shine and be acknowledged for their greatness, looking forward to working on next years event”  London Urban Arts Academy

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Last Year's Winner Videos

Entrepreneur Award

The winner of the Entrepreneur Award was Alex Thraves who first started filming and editing short films around the age of 14 when he was studying films at school. http://alexthraves.tv/

Breakthrough Artist Award

The winners of the Breakthrough Artist Award were Maverick and Malachi who have only been performing together for 20 months and combine super conscious lyrics with genre jumping beat box.

Outstanding Young Adult

The winner of this award was a young man who was nominated many times and has a huge groundswell of support for his work. He has been inspiring other young people to get into music and acting as a way of staying out of trouble and helping them onto a positive path of creativity and artistic expression. The winner was Craige Middleburg.

Outstanding Achievement Award

The winner of the Outstanding Achievement Award was Tabrae Mohamad Bahrami who is a remarkable young man who has incredible strength as an individual and his flow and musicality is beyond his years. His music shares not only his struggles as a young person but also the political hardships that young people go through in society around the world.

Peer in Arts Award

The winner of the Peer in Arts Award was Dasharn Anderson who is an amazing success story of a young person from a single parent background in London that has really taken his passion for the arts to allow him to drive forward in life.

Inspirational Lyrics Award

The winner of the Inspirational Lyrics Award was Keiran Cheshire who is a young man who used to get in trouble all of the time at school and has used music and song writing as a therapy to help him stay focused and out of trouble. His inspirational lyrics when he performs speak for themselves. https://soundcloud.com/kizzmonsta

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Diversity & Inclusion Award

The winners of the Diversity & Inclusion Award were Haringey Shed who are an inclusive theatre and performing arts company for children and young people aged between 7-16 years old. They provide a range of term time after school activities and holiday programmes as well as outreach work in the community.

Outstanding Achievement Award

The winner of the Outstanding Achievement Award was Vicky Balch, , a young lady who has been nominated for her outstanding bravery after being involved in the terrible accident at Alton Towers; not only is she outstandingly brave but she has been there for others while they have been recovering from their own traumas.

Community Impact Award

The winners of last years Community Impact Award were Free Your Mind Campaign who were nominated for improving young people’s access to mental health services at a local level. Founder of the initiative Kai Moore was keen to address stigma and challenge the taboo and stereotypes associated with young people’s mental health.

Inspire Award

The winner of last years Inspire Award was Hayley Mulenda. Hayley is just 18 years old. She was nominated for her school mentoring project ‘Inspire a Dream’ and also for the fact that at such a young age she managed to build her own registered motivational speaking company, promoting education to school children all over the uk.

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