Legacy Learning – Educational Innovation

Legacy Learning is an exciting global project created to innovate and provide passion based alternatives to the way that we currently educate and learn. Delivering our primary goal to reform education, the project is connecting teachers and learners all over the world through inspiring, unique content and methodologies.

We know that traditional education and learning does not work for everyone and also that it is primarily focused on academic, classroom based systems that do not tap into passions or create space to truly unlock potential. Learners are encouraged to focus on subjects that they are ‘good’ at and activities that further develop strengths, regardless of whether these things excite them or make them happy.

Through Legacy Learning we have created online and face to face immersive experiences that allow learners from across generations, all over the world, to experience bespoke learning content. These experiences allow them to explore everything they are interested in, focus on areas of development and provide a mindset of limitless potential, personal leadership and responsibility. In addition to this, the learner can use the online platform and global hubs to also become a teacher. Passing on new ways of thinking, exploring and doing things. Following the principle that ‘to teach is to learn twice’ (Joseph Joubert).

Three Specific Projects

This project has already been launched and is being delivered in three specific ways. We have an online Legacy Learning Platform (www.legacylearning.global) free for any user anywhere in the world that we have started to populate with unique learning content. We are already delivering a series of bespoke workshops and programmes in Asia, MENA, Europe and America some of which we offer free of charge or subsidised for inclusive access and we are also creating Legacy Learning Hubs where learning and development experts can collaborate, share best practice and innovate new ways of teaching.

Our first Global Legacy Learning Hub was launched in March 2017 on the Jetty in Greenwich Peninsula. This beautiful, sustainable venue is located on the Thames and provides a natural indoor, outdoor space to learn and be inspired. We are also planning to create hubs in Los Angeles, Dubai and Tokyo. These hubs will provide space for creating solutions for the Global Goal Projects bringing together a cross section of experts and innovators from three generations through our international network of collaborators and supporters. Everything that we do is focused on capturing imagination, inspiring creativity, imagination and play and ensuring real action and therefore change is made.

How can you get involved?

We are seeking individuals and organisations from around the world who would like to contribute content and thought leadership to this exciting project. We are not looking to duplicate effort and are connecting and collaborating with anyone out there who is already doing something different with education.

We are starting with the ‘Why’. What is the purpose of education and how is it relevant and useful in today’s world? We already have 100’s of partners and contributors globally who are helping us to define the purpose and who are in the process of contributing content.

Our amazing platform has been created in partnership with Fusion Universal and we are looking for additional sites and learning centers globally that can become hubs.

We also have an exciting funding wish list and are seeking those passionate about changing and innovating education to fund the expansion of our hubs and programmes in new locations globally. For more information on funding opportunities please email tiffany@roundtable.global.

To get involved or pledge your support please contact us: