Roundtable-Wordmarque+Logo-BWe would like to
create a better world
for everyone, including
future generations

Changing the way we think and act

We are impacting our world in a way which is not sustainable.  Reactive action and current leadership doesn’t seem to be changing that. If we want to leave a world for future generations that is enjoyable and prosperous, we need to not only change what we are doing, but also how we are thinking about things.

‘The definition of insanity – doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.’ – Albert Einstein

We would like our legacy to be one that goes beyond sustainability to restore and rejuvenate the communities and eco-systems that we live in. We want to help create a new economy that is balanced and inclusive. Because of this we have created Our Legacy.

Legacy Project

The Legacy Project is a registered charity launched in 2010 focused on unlocking potential in and empowering women and young people across the UK. Since then Legacy has grown and is now supporting the development of disadvantaged individuals and entrepreneurs from around the world.

We do this through the following initiatives:

  • The Global Shine Foundation – Empowering Women
  • The Positive for Youth Awards – Recognising and Supporting Young People
  • Legacy Learning – Educating and Inspiring Differently
  • Finding Balance Initiative – Inclusive Summits for Change

We fund these projects through resource contribution, strategic partnerships with like-minded organisations and fund raising activities such as the Shine Foundation Auction.

Our Legacy – Global Initiatives for Change

The Global Shine Foundation

Raising funds and awareness for developing and empowering women around the world.

The Global Shine Foundation has been created by RoundTable Global to provide support, resources and funding to empower and unlock the potential in disadvantaged women and young people around the world. Set up as a charitable organisation, the Foundation is advised by the En Committee, a committee created by First Lady Akie Abe of Japan who is the Patroness and RoundTable Global Co-Founder Tiffany Kelly. Other committee members include Lady Barbara Judge, Professor Susan Madsen and Michelle Van Vuuren.

Funds raised will be used to deliver training, development, coaching and entrepreneurship schemes to those that would not have access to them otherwise. Specifically, the Foundation aims to address the need to create more balance in the world through increasing feminine leadership energies and creating empowering, equal cultures and communities for all.

The RoundTable team have already been delivering their Empowering Women to Shine Open Programme in Tokyo, Dubai and London with free places available to nominated individuals with transformational and sustainable results.

If you would like to know more about donating to the Foundation please contact us or to donate please use the button below.

Finding Balance Initiative

For us creating balance in the world means finding a sustainable and inclusive way to live in our communities and eco-system. We are inviting individuals around the world to help us create solutions for positive change.

Legacy Learning

This new initiative is in the planning phase and aims to provide an alternative to traditional learning focusing on passion and talents for anyone to access around the world.

Positive for Youth Awards

Started in 2012, the Positive for Youth Awards provide recognition and rewards for young people who have made a positive contribution to community, music, media, the arts and performance.

Global Shine Foundation

Funding, support and resources to develop and empower women around the world. The Foundation will focus on marganalised women and provide them with the support needed to empower themselves and the communities that they live in.

Founder Tiffany Kelly shares the RoundTable philosophy for change at TedX Haneda