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What is the purpose of Education?

We have now launched one of the most ambitious global projects to reform education that has ever existed and if you are passionate about being part of an initiative that will truly make change happen, we are looking for you.

We are seeking individuals and organisations from around the world who would like to contribute to a project that will provide an alternative to traditional education. This project will generate an online learning platform, free for use to any learner anywhere in the world, create academies for people who want to teach in a different way and provide learning hubs globally for people who want to try a more holistic, individual approach to learning.

We are not looking to duplicate effort and are connecting with anyone out there who is already doing something different with education.

We are starting with the ‘Why’. What is the purpose of education and how is it relevant and useful in today’s world? We already have 100’s of partners and contributors globally who are helping us to define the purpose and who are ready to contribute content.

We have an amazing platform ready to upload content to in partnership with Fusion Universal and we are looking for additional sites and learning centers globally that can become hubs.

What we are bringing to this project is our resources, network, leadership and an innovative approach to learning that connects with our internal and external eco-systems.

Visit our pilot site

What we teach and the way it is taught determines how a society thinks, behaves and evolves. Our current and future generations require a new vision and education system which will enable our planet and all its inhabitants to rejuvenate and thrive. We have embarked on an exciting journey to create this world through Legacy Learning. The largest ever open source, online and face2face global network of content, contributors and teachers committed to creating solution driven mindsets and innovative and inclusive vehicles for change. Legacy Learning has three global goals, educational reform, environmental rejuvenation and empowering everyone. Through our Legacy Learning solutions we are developing cross cultural and intergenerational learning ecosystems which are inspiring curiosity and creativity as well as deeper connectivity with ourselves, others and nature. We bring together and nurture passionate individuals and organisations who believe we can teach and learn differently at the same time as changing the world.

The Opportunity

To Teach is To Learn Twice’ – Joseph Joubert
We believe that many of the challenges we face in the world are created because of how and what we teach and learn. The beliefs, values and social principles we are taught create specific mindsets which guide our actions. We know that if we can create a new way of teaching that inspires individuals to think for themselves, be curious and tap into their passions, we can create solution driven mindsets with limitless possibility.

The world has changed and in general, our current education system, professional development and individual learning isn’t providing the inspiration, skills and content we need to change with it. We are advancing technology at an exponential rate and our learning systems that enable us to unlock human potential need to reflect this.

We know that this is a global challenge and that it requires creating an inclusive community of collaboration and creative contribution. A community of unique individuals inspired to follow their passions and share the journey with other global citizens. This in itself will produce measurable, sustainable change.

We also know that there are many organisations out there seeking to change education and provide alternatives to learning but currently there isn’t a central hub to connect these initiatives so that we can learn from each other and share best practice. The world is now an open platform and needs a global hub with inclusive education for everyone. This is what Legacy Learning will do.

The Solution

Legacy Learning provides a virtual and face2face space where learners can access creative content that will enable them to discover what they love doing and are passionate about. It also provides a platform for teachers and educators to learn different ways of teaching, for them to share best practice and become part of a global network for change.

Legacy Learning Online is a virtual learning platform, combining e-learning, facebook, you-tube, wikipedia and whatsapp technologies, free for any learner, anywhere in the world. It has the ability to create personalised learning journeys, assess how knowledge is being processed, gaps to be filled and makes suggestions for additional learning. Content is provided by our global contributors and filtered through a team of experts who will assess relevance, placement and create specific communities of learning. (

Legacy Learning Hubs will utilise existing inspirational spaces around the world to deliver passion-based, experiential learning tailored to individual needs. Our team will connect and collaborate with local initiatives and provide leadership and development to align with Legacy Learning principles.

Legacy Learning Academies are spaces where teachers can learn how to teach differently and share what they know with a global network of like-minded individuals. It is our ambition to have four global academies in the first three years of funding based in Los Angeles, London, Tokyo and Dubai.

Each part of the solution will ultimately become self sustaining and symbiotic in terms of growth and management.


Our partners for the design, delivery and implementation of Legacy Learning are Fusion Universal who are already making a hugely positive impact with their Fuse School, providing free secondary education for everyone.

Tactics & Technology

The Fuse software is ready for use and content population and you can see it in action either by visiting the fully operational Fuse School ( or the pilot site ( We have content contributors ready to provide us with original and unique content from around the world once we have created local e-learning teams to manage this.

The technology will be open source and any individual or organisation that provides content will do so knowing that it will become public learning property.

For the Legacy Learning Hubs, we have already confirmed 20 global initiatives excited to join the project. Once funding is secured, our core team will visit these sites and provide the resources, support, training and development needed to become a hub. It is our intention to provide free and subsidised learning for those that need it.

Initial discussions for development of two of the Legacy Learning Academies have already taken place with Knight Dragon (London) and UAETopia (Dubai) and confirmation is expected by the end of 2016. We also have meetings in Los Angeles and Tokyo in October to confirm development partners.