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RoundTable Global innovations can be delivered as open or company specific solutions tailored to strategic and individual requirements. Our intention is to use exciting and creative methodologies that take people and organisations out of their comfort zones so that they can overcome limiting beliefs and embrace fearless living.

In our Solution pages we have provided an overview of some of our innovations to inspire your imagination and whet your appetite. For more details please contact us and we will work in partnership with you to design bespoke solutions that create real, sustainable change. This is what we are passionate about.


Whether you are looking to transform your business, roll out a global culture change or create a built in diversity and inclusion strategy – we can help you. We bring 20 years of experience, a limitless mindset and creative solutions to enable you to make change happen.

The RoundTable Team has industry experience across all sectors including public, private and not for profit, we can provide case studies and references on request.

We also have a fantastic network of inspirational and interesting contributors from every region of the globe. Our main delivery language is English but we train and work with local and internal facilitators, coaches and experts where possible.

Our areas of expertise are in leadership, innovation and change but we also have fantastic methodologies that can be adapted to deliver all kinds of workshops and programmes so please contact us if you would like to find out more.
We really enjoy working on a 1:1 basis with individuals who are looking for personal or longer term support. Our coaches each have unique, intuitive styles that are adapted for your needs.
Our global contributors are courageous adventurers and imaginative entrepreneurs who have been speaking about the topics they are passionate about all over the world. To listen to some of our speakers and talks please visit our You Tube channel.