Roundtable-Wordmarque+Logo-BThree Global Goals – The Ambassador Projects

The Global Change Ambassadors have been brought together to deliver Three Global Goals of Educational Reform, Empowering Everyone and Environmental Rejuvenation. To do this we are launching a series of Ambassador-led projects in 2017 that will provide opportunities and platforms for those passionate about making change happen at the same time as delivering real change and action in the world.

The portfolio of projects below detail just some of the work that we are supporting through this initiative including exactly what we are doing, who is involved and how you can contribute and support.

To launch these projects and invite individuals and organisations to get involved we are running a series of invite only, exciting Call to Action events through February and March 2017.

Where ever possible we are seeking to collaborate not duplicate so if you have a project that you would like to bring to our attention or are doing something similar please let us know.

Join our Regional Call to Action Events

Request to join or support our Regional Global Goal Call to Action Events

Los Angeles 4th February, Dubai 11th February, London 25th March

Get involved with our exciting Global Goal Projects and Events around the world – click images below for more details on each: