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Festivals & Events

We absolutely love the magic of festivals and large scale events. We are excited by opportunities to bring together generations from all different backgrounds to teach, learn, inspire and be inspired and this is why we have created workshops and solutions that will bring imagination, creativity and play to your events in an immersive, collaborative and experiential way.

Whether you are looking for a speaker, workshops or immersive experiences for your event or festival we will work with you in partnership to design and deliver something that is exciting, unique and has a long lasting impact. We can work with any size group for any timescale and theme our experiences to align with your topic, objectives or celebration.


Our workshops and immersive experiences can be from 1 hour to 1-day in duration and are all created to encourage imagination, creativity, play, empowerment and connection. Examples of the types of experiences we can run include:

  • Mask Making & Movement
  • Story Telling & Book Making
  • Tribal Experience (including body art, sound workshop and movement)
  • Creating a Light Sculpture
  • Courage to Act as a Leader
  • Personal Empowerment


Our Founding Partners are passionate about speaking and sharing their ideas, experiences and passions with large groups. These talks can be used to inspire, to ignite passion and to call to action. Our speakers are experts in their subject fields and are published writers as well as speakers. Subjects and personal experiences are:

  • Tiffany Kelly: Female Empowerment & Leadership, Innovation to Future Proof, The Importance of Gender Balance, Educational Reform and Courage to Act
  • Charlotte Dillon: Imagination, Creativity & Play, The Power of Masks and Kinetic Art & Personal Connectivity
  • Denis Murphy: Releasing from Fears & Self Limiting Beliefs, The Power of Imagination & Beliefs, Self Awareness & Self Fulfilling Prophecies

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See our inspiring speakers in action

Tiffany Kelly - Three Global Goals

Denis Liam Murphy - Fearless Living

Tiffany Kelly - Empowering Women to Shine Auction

Imagination feeds creativity. Creativity produces ideas. Innovation is the implementation of those ideas.