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Environmental Rejuvenation

The Environmental Rejuvenation Goal is an opportunity for us to focus on rejuvenating and restoring our environment at the same time as finding our balanced place in the eco system. We want to create projects and initiatives that look beyond sustainability and innovate to future proof our planet.

We want to courageously create awareness around some of the fundamental issues affecting our world so that everyone can make conscious, informed choices about what they eat, wear, buy, their beliefs and how they live.

We want to help create responsible businesses who understand the benefit and significance of triple bottom line reporting (People, Planet and Profit) and have creative, talented employees passionate about making a difference in the world.

Urban Farms to Connect & Learn

To deliver this Global Goal we are working with partners around the world to develop urban farms into unique learning spaces where communities and individuals can connect, share and learn. We are already working with Urban Growth in London and Urban Green in Los Angeles to rejuvenate existing venues into beautiful thriving beyond sustainability learning experiences. For more details see below.

It is our intention to collaborate with existing urban farm initiatives and to develop new projects in Tokyo, Dubai, Los Angeles and London through 2017.

Beyond Sustainability Blue Print

We are bringing together an exciting team of global experts, influencers and environmental activists to work collaboratively on a blueprint for the design of future communities and the redesign of those that already exist. This blueprint will include the most up to date thinking and technologies enabling us to go beyond sustainability in all parts of community creation and build closed loop societies with zero waste and zero tolerance for anything that threatens our ability to thrive on this planet.

This blueprint will be an evolving project, available for anyone to use for free, anywhere in the world and we are seeking people passionate about environmental change to join us on this exciting journey.

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