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Empowering Everyone to Shine

The Empowering Everyone Goal is a focus on bringing inclusivity and equality into the world. We would like to empower everyone to authentically bring their whole self to everything that they do. From increasing feminine leadership decision making to addressing social conditioning and stereotyping we would like to create cultures and communities that are empowering for all.

Health and wellbeing are key to the delivery of this goal and through the use of imagination and the understanding that we are all energetic beings, we will seek to reconnect mind with body. This will enable individuals to release from fears and self limiting beliefs that create stress and illness and step into limitless possibility.

The Positive for Youth Awards

Created by young people, for young people, the Positive for Youth Awards recognise and reward outstanding contribution to society and environmental rejuvenation through our Three Global Goals. This year we will be running the awards in London on 2nd August and Los Angeles on 23rd August. See here for more details.

The Social Impact Conference

Created by Global Change Ambassador, Randy Becker The Social Impact Conference & Awards is an exciting 2-day immersive event which includes inspiring speakers, experiential workshops around the Three Global Goals, an Awards Gala, opportunities to network and make new friends, great art, delicious food and dazzling entertainment. This invite only event is designed to support Artists, Business Owners, Entertainment Executives, and Activists who share a desire for positive change and a dedication to making a difference. The conference will be run in Los Angeles on 23-24th August. For details and to book please visit

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Educational Reform, Empowering Everyone, Environmental Rejuvenation

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