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The Legacy Learning Initiative

We know that traditional education does not work for everyone and that for future generations to be healthy and happy we need to find new creative ways to unlock and develop individual passions, talents and skills. This is why we have created the Legacy Learning Initiative, an ambitious global project to revolutionise the way that we learn and teach. Involving 65 Global Change Ambassadors, the project has already connected over 120 organisations around the world with a passion to create and deliver alternative learning content that will educate, inspire and capture imagination.

To do this we are developing unique learning spaces where individuals and organisations can connect and learn and providing exciting schedules of alternative learning and development experiences.

London – Legacy Learning @The Jetty

We are proud to launch Legacy Learning @The Jetty, our first Global Academy. The Academy provides an exciting, sustainable venue space for learning, workshops, events and sharing of best practice and is completely aligned with our purpose, values and ambitions for becoming the go to hub for inspiration and change.

We have created a series of experiences throughout the year that will provide opportunities for the local community to connect with our global network and work together towards becoming more empowered and aware global citizens passionate about going beyond sustainability and learning across three generations. Legacy Learning @TheJetty offers experiences that are exciting, immersive, inclusive and where ever possible subsidized or free to those in the community that are most at need.

The Jetty is located on the Greenwich Peninsula and we are in the process of developing the space into an Urban Farm with a fantastic view of the city in partnership with Urban Growth.

Workshops and events.

Los Angeles – Legacy Learning @Urban Green

We are excited to be working in partnership with Urban Green in downtown Los Angeles to rejuvenate an existing Urban Farm into a beautiful space where individuals and organisations can connect and learn. We are keen to establish partnerships and relationships with existing urban farming initiatives and learning providers and will launch a schedule of workshops and events later this year. Please contact us for more details.

Future Locations

It is our intention to have Legacy Learning Academies in London, Los Angeles, Dubai and Tokyo with a view to develop a global learning community where best practice and innovations can be developed and shared. If you would like to partner with us or find out more please contact us.

Legacy Learning Online

To support the academies and ensure we are completely inclusive, Legacy Learning is also an online platform free for any user anywhere in the world with digital interactive content aligned with our vision for passion based learning and developed in partnership with Fusion Universal.

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Educational Reform, Empowering Everyone, Environmental Rejuvenation

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