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Redefining The Way We Educate

The Educational Reform Goal is an opportunity for us to change the current antiquated education system so that we can unlock potential and talent in our young people regardless of academic ability. We have created an online learning system that will empower learners to develop their passions and immerse themselves in inspiring content and materials from around the world.

We know that true educational reform at a Government level is fraught with bureaucracy and politics and will cost a significant amount of money which is why we are developing the Legacy Learning platform into an online hub of knowledge available to any learner, at any age, anywhere in the world.

We also know that to address social stereotyping we need to change the way we educate and inspire our young people, both in the home and at school. Because of this we are working with our partners to create exciting parent and teacher workshops that provide new ideas and methodologies for teaching our young, at the same time as delivering real mindset change in the teachers.

Legacy Learning will be driven by individual passion, imagination and what the learner really wants to learn. The teachers, or contributors as we like to call them, can be anyone from any age group, background, gender, ethnicity and geography. Legacy Learning will be completely inclusive and easily accessible for anyone that can access the web.

All content submitted will be checked, enhanced with media if needed and categorised into easily searchable communities. Our global learning community can connect, collaborate, find like minded individuals and share their development and ideas.

Legacy Learning aims to redefine education based on the knowledge that we are all uniquely talented individuals with something special to offer the world.

Legacy Learning will be a Hub for all education and experience providers and will not be commercial although it will have paid for and free content.

We are committed to ensuring that the content is available to communities and individuals who do not currently have web access and one of our missions is to help support with the provision of this access.

If you would like to join the organisations currently contributing to this initiative or would like to find out more please contact us.

‘It is evident that the education system today is choosing to promote academic achievement over cultivating creativity, imagination and lateral thinking. This is creating a culture where fear is more prevalent then passion. This is fine if we want robots working in our companies who are skilled at taking orders. But if we want innovation to be a prominent feature in our organisations then we need fearless individuals who are prepared to question conventional wisdom and authority.’


Our partners for the design, delivery and implementation of Legacy Learning are Fusion Universal who are already making a hugely positive impact with their Fuse School, providing free secondary education for everyone.