Roundtable-Wordmarque+Logo-BTo us collaboration means working
authentically together to make change happen

We are passionate about going beyond sustainability, increasing awareness and contributing towards making our world a more inclusive and balanced place to live. There is much to do and because of this we are keen to collaborate and partner with individuals and organisations around the world, with the same goals. We invite you to join our journey, share our knowledge and contribute how and where you can. To do this please join our Legacy Learning hub where you can share materials, resources, videos and ideas.

Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals with UKSSD

We are proud to be part of the Virgin Unite 100% Human Network. We believe the time has come for business to start thinking of people as human beings and not as resources. Moving away from maximising profits and profitability to focus on how we can help people achieve their highest potential and purpose – which will naturally positively impact the bottom line.

With this fundamental concept and using the UN Principles for Business and Human Rights as a basic standard, Richard Branson’s B Team has launched the ‘100% Human at Work Initiative’


By 2026 100% Human at Work aims to catalyse one million businesses to change the way they work for the better and to help people thrive and realise their full potential.


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