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to Future Proof our world

Innovate to Future Proof

The world is changing and advancing every day meaning that organisations and individuals need to be able to proactively anticipate and respond to these changes to maintain competitive advantage and ensure that they are ‘future proof’. RoundTable Innovate solutions take participants on a journey of unlocking imagination and using creativity and play to remove blocks to innovation. We will help to empower you to take risks fearlessly and confidently creating a culture of constant innovation and performance improvement.

Most people believe that being ‘creative’ is a skill that you either have or not. At RoundTable we believe that everyone has the ability to be creative but that fear and limiting beliefs often get in the way.

During our 2-day Innovate workshop we will inspire you with what is possible once your fear of creativity is released and you realise that you have all of the answers and ideas you need within the realms of your imagination.

We will help you to understand that you have limitless potential and that by embracing a life of innovation and change you can empower the people around you to do the same.

What we can do for you:

  • Beyond Sustainability consultancy and workshops
  • Innovate to Future Proof – 2-day workshop focused on unlocking creative potential to develop products, solutions and ideas that are profitable, benefit the local community and rejuvenate the environment
  • Discovery Experiences – immersive programmes that show the reality of what is happening in the world, provide inspirational insights into what is possible and facilitate ideas and commitments to action

Below we have provided an overview of a 2-day workshop that we deliver throughout the year, we also work with specific organisations to design and deliver bespoke internal programmes and shorter workshops.

For more details please contact us and we will work in partnership with you to design a solution aligned with your internal objectives that will create real, sustainable change.

Imagination feeds creativity. Creativity produces ideas. Innovation is the implementation of those ideas.