Positive for Youth Awards 2017

Last week we were completely inspired by the fantastic nominees and winners at our Positive for Youth Awards 2017. Categories had been created to focus on our Three Global Goals and the projects presented by the young people were incredible. Huge thank you to our sponsors and contributors who have donated time, resources and wonderful experiences for the young people.

As a young black man from Peckham, I always been trying to dispel the negative stigma that is normally associated with people like myself. The Positive for Youth awards helps to show that the hard work isn’t going unnoticed! Thank you so much for awarding the work at Creative Hustle, this really goes far for much needed motivation – tackling diversity in the creative industry is no easy feat and we need every support we can get – Alexander Fefegha

I am both honoured to accept this award and humbled by the fact that it was given to me; a huge thank you to the Round Table Foundation and the Amy Winehouse Foundation; its a blessing. – Peaky (Grime Artist)

The Positive for Youth Award is a great initiative recognizing the young change makers of the world working across different fields, I would like to thank Tiffany, Tanith and the team behind Roundtable for creating a platform which is like a young Nobel Prize of sorts, recognizing efforts of people from a young age. I have heard that you become the average of the five people you surround yourself with, and platforms like these give you access to the most amazing change makers you can learn so much from – Shwetal Shah (UN Empower Women Champion 2017)

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