Driving Immigrant Rights

We met with the amazing Tolu Olubunmi one of our USA Global Ambassadors while in Washington DC who shared more of her amazing story… ‘In 2013, I found myself in the East Room of the White House speaking alongside President Obama on the urgent need for immigration reform. There, I shared my unlikely journey from an unemployed, undocumented Chemical Engineer to a respected immigrants’ rights advocate and an internationally recognized social entrepreneur.

I have spent the past 10 years building and leading numerous NGOs and campaigns while still struggling with my immigration status. With the incoming administration comes a lot of uncertainty, but since I have never believed in sitting silently when my voice could make a difference, I will continue to lend my unique voice and perspective in support of efforts focused on immigrant integration, women’s empowerment, employment, access to technology, and education – whether in the US or elsewhere.

I believe that now more than ever, we need private sector engagement to achieve change and as I explore what is next for me (and where), I am eager to connect with companies committed to eliminating silos and harnessing the power of a diverse coalition of stakeholders across governments, the private sector, and civil society.’

To find out more about our Global Change Ambassadors and Three Global Goals of Educational Reform, Empowerment for All and Environmental Rejuvenation please visit http://www.roundtable.global/ambassadors/.

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